Health, Safety and the Environment

The basic objective of Teebaz Global’s HSE management is to ensure safe and healthy operations for all personnel on Teebaz Global’s sites of operation and our environs, and also to reduce to the barest minimum the impacts of our operations on the environment. Our HSE reliability is anchored on setting standards and monitoring performance of HSE matters.

Teebaz Global’s operates an HSE management approach to achieve its health, safety and environmental objectives, as it engages qualified and certified HSE consultants in the advising of proactive measures on way to manage HSE issues from incipient stages. The adoption of the HSE management approach ensures the implementation and continuous improvement in Teebaz Global’s HSE performance.

Subsequently successes in Teebaz Global’s HSE management strategy has been attributed to good planned policies and proactive leadership, commitment and training. Teebaz Global is also constantly evaluating opportunities for minimizing any environmental aspects.

Unavoidable changes in our mode of operations are properly matched with full evaluation of inherent HSE implications. Adherence to Teebaz Global’s HSE polices, aims, strategies, procedures, are mandatory for staff and contractors/visitors in order that statutory requirements, local/international standards as well as known oil field practices are met.

Incidents and near misses are reported promptly and serious or potentially serious occurrences are thoroughly investigated while actions and lessons learned to prevent recurrence. These are normally communicated in all sites.

A program of self-assessment at all levels of HSE management is in place to ensure self-regulation and to meet compliance requirements at all times. Regular audit of all HSE performance indicators are conducted to determine ways of improvement.